General Intellectual Improvement

Crossing hands over and over while crossing pupils will stimulate the brain and increase mental achievements. 

Exerting Extropy

Achieving and exalting things from the means of performing extropy - the opposite of entropy - is considered holy and divine and rightfully so. 

Daily Observances

Sunday: Eternity, Monday: Ubiquity,

Tuesday: Potency, Wednesday: Utility, Thursday: Generosity, Friday: Sagacity, Saturday: Sovereignty

Solar Holidays

(Dates are approximate) 

Perihelion - January 3rd

Coldest Day of the Year - January 20th

Vernal Equinox - March 20th

Midnight Sun - June 20th

Aphelion - July 6th

Hottest Day of the Year - July 24th

Autumnal Equinox - September 22nd

Sol Invictus - December 21st-25th

Learning Languages

Besides reading encyclopedias and dictionaries, another thing Exaltists try to do is learn other languages. By doing so, it increases the pallet of knowledge one might consume. Learning languages that are useful to understand is considered paramount among fellow Exaltists. 

Encouraged/Avoidable Rituals



Reading Scripture

Keeping Trinkets/Tattoos/Jewelry


Animal Sacrifice

Magic-Related Rituals