Religions That Work Together with Exaltation

There are religions compatible and work side by side with Exaltism. While Exaltism is more of a personal credo, these religions take a more social and community based approach to develop faith and spirituality. While there is conflict upon any approach one might partake, these three religions and one irreligion foster an association for love and harmony.


Baha'i Faith


Founded by Baha'u'llah in the mid-19th century, he authored many spiritual books and texts and stressed the unity of God, the unity of religion and the unity of mankind. 

Unitarian Universalism


Founded by two different Christian denominations, Unitarian Universalism assert no creed but preach about doing good for your fellow man, by doing deeds instead. 



One of the few transhumanist religions, Terasem stresses the importance of technology and artificial intelligence to bring about a better world for us all. Terasem Joiners believe they can make a better world and live indefinitely through the use of advanced tech.



It's OKAY to question things, and to not know all the answers. Rigid beliefs can be detrimental to society if they are later proven inaccurate. While not a religion it is a stance on spiritual subjects and matters. Agnostics believe that some, many or all spiritual answers are currently unknowable, or will always be unknowable.