Where Do Morals Come From?

Morals come from Divine Selection, which states that whatever perpetuates the continual survival of the species is benevolent and whatever hinders it is malevolent.  

In Accordance to the Sacred Heptagram

Beings that obtain the human-focused parts of divinity, such as utility, generosity, sagacity and sovereignty, is ultimately good for us all. 

The Difference Between Morals and Ethics

Morals come from God, ethics come from man. Exaltists believe that humans are fractals of God so therefore morals and ethics are used interchangeably. 

Men Are Becoming More Moral

As time goes on our species is evolving and becoming more moral and righteous.

Exaltist Ethical Ethos

Having people exist indefinitely and with indefinite complexity is the stated ultimate moral justification of our species; as it is any.

The Problem with Authority

Authority can be the perpetrator of harming those who are causing victim-less crimes. However the case may be, in the developed world most crimes are not victim-less.