Beliefs of Exaltism

What Exaltists Believe In

Exaltists believe in one God, which they deem to be The Omniverse. The Omniverse encapsulates everything and contains all. However the case, Exaltists do not believe in personal God, rather that we are all fractals of this God, and salvation comes from these fractals rather than the whole. It is a form of pantheism, which then is a form of panendeism. Exaltists do not see The Omniverse as a living entity, but rather that us is slowly making The Omniverse living with our own capabilities. 

Exaltists believe the goal of humanity is to thus become God and since God is The Omniverse, our goal is to become The Omniverse. Exaltists do not subscribe to annihilation eschatology of any sort. In fact, what could be said about us right the given moment, is that we are using, consuming and becoming Earth itself. Exaltists will see to it that we do this for existence itself, by using, consuming and becoming The Omniverse. The end is that there is no end, things will continue to grow more complex and integrated over time. 

The reason why the heptagram is so admired by Exaltists is because Exaltists find that there are seven questions of divinity that can be fully answered. 

When is God?: Eternity. God has infinite time.

Where is God?: Ubiquity. God has infinite space.

What is God?: Potency. God has infinite energy.

Which does God choose?: Utility. God has infinite function.

Why does God exist?: Generosity. God has infinite kindness.

How did God exist?: Sagacity. God has infinite wisdom.

Who is God?: Sovereignty. God has infinite unique characteristics. 

These were ordered as such to identify which one came first and which ones will exist last.

This closely relates to both the transhumanist and pantheist movements and seeks solace with both of them. As someone once pointed out, "technology is made from nature." Another source of inspiration comes from Jesuit priest and archaeologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. He wrote a book titled, "The Phenomenon of Man" that is a must-read for Exaltists. 

Other inspirations come from the likes of Martine Rothblatt, who envisioned a similar outcome with her trans-religion called Terasem. Other notable transhumanists include Ray Kurzweil, Aubrey de Grey, Zoltan Istvan, Eric Klein and Guilio Prisco, who recently published a transhumanist book.